Sagat/Finger Cymbals

On this page you will find information about where you can purchase your own set of “sagat” or “finger cymbals”.

Belly Dance Boutique  – a wide range of finger cymbals available to suit all budgets, Prices start at £10.50

Farida Dance Prices start at £10

The Dancers WorldPrices start at £10

You may also find finger cymbals on sites such as Ebay or Amazon – make sure you double check that you are buying a set of 4 cymbals as some sellers supply them in 2’s!

Preparing your finger cymbals:

Usually, elastic will be supplied with your finger cymbals, you should use this to make finger loops for securing your cymbals to your hands – one to fit your thumb and one to fit your middle finger – you should sew the elastics so that they fit securely (but not too tight that they cut off the circulation!) and then trim off any excess.