Shimmy@Home Help

Get the most out of your virtual Shimmy@Home classes

We know that dancing alone in your living room is not quite the same but our goal is to provide you with fun and engaging belly dance classes to help keep you active and sane during these unusual times

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your virtual class experience:

Sign up for a Zoom account

Our classes will take place using the video conferencing app, Zoom. You can access Zoom without an account via your web browser but you may find it easier and faster to set up an account and get the app – you can do this for free here

Take some time to set up before your class starts

Clear yourself some space, ask your family members to avoid disturbing you, and make sure that your computer or device is working properly and is connected to the internet.

Aim to join your session about 5-10 minutes early

This applies especially if you are taking a class for the first time as it will give you come leeway for checking your screen and sound are working properly

Keep your microphone on mute

When you join the class your microphone will be automatically muted, this is to prevent audio feedback as well as to prevent disruption of the class. If you have a question you are of course welcome to un-mute yourself but please return to mute once you have finished speaking

At times, you will need to communicate with the instructor such as to confirm that you can hear or see properly, in these instances a thumbs up or down will suffice.

Keep your eyes on the instructor

To ensure you get a clear view of the teacher at all times, it is recommended that you use the “pin” function so keep the teacher window on your screen at all times. To do this, scroll through the pictures to find the teacher then click the three dots and select “pin”

Use a mirror

A mirror can be really beneficial in helping you to see whether you are performing movements correctly and will enable you to self correct more easily. If you have a large mirror available (or even a window or patio door) feel free to make use of this during your class.

Make yourself seen

For safety reasons, participants must have their cameras switched on during the class.

To help the instructor to monitor how you are getting on, it would be helpful if you can wear colourful clothing including a hip scarf.

Where possible, you should position your camera so that you can be seen in full length

Please note that in group classes it is not always possible for feedback to be given to individuals, however every effort will be made to provide general feedback to benefit the whole group.

The ultimate aim of Shimmy@Home classes is to keep you moving and feeling good whilst we cant dance together in person, so log on, let your hair down and enjoy!

This method of delivering classes is still very new and we need to see what works and what dosent, so any feedback, whether good or bad is welcome – email