Classes FAQ

See below for our most frequently asked questions, if your question is not answered on this page please feel free to email

What is Belly Dance?DSC_0186 copy

Belly dance, also known as Oriental Dance or Raqs Sharqi is a graceful and feminine dance form with its roots firmly embedded in Middle Eastern culture. The dance utilises the bodys natural range of movement and involves performing isolated movements of the hips and the upper body making for a gentle yet effective way to improve posture, muscle tone and overall sense of well being.

Which class should I sign up to?

Currently, we are running classes at beginner, improver and intermediate level.

If you have less than 6 months of belly dance experience then you should join our beginners class where you will learn the basic moves and isolations used in belly dance and be taught about the different styles of Middle Eastern music and dance.

In order to be suitable for an improvers course you must be confident in your basic technique, ideally you should have been attending a beginners course for at least two terms before moving up to this level. 

Currently, our top level of class is intermediate, this class is for students who are confident in learning and executing more complex variations of basic belly dance moves. This class involves more challenging choreography and you may be required to work together as part of a group.
You should speak with Louise before signing up to this class, new students wishing to join this class will be required to attend the improver level class so that their technique can be assessed

Am I too fat/thin/old/unfit for belly dance?

Certainly not! Belly dancing is a low impact weight bearing exercise that can be enjoyed by anybody regardless of the weight age and fitness level. However, if you have any existing health problems or concerns, please consult your doctor before signing up.

Can I try out a class before signing up?

We offer beginners  taster workshops at the beginning of term – keep an eye on our website for details of when these workshops are running . If you are unable to attend a taster session or if you would like to join a course after term has already started, you can still come and try a class and then pay the balance for the rest of the term (subject to availability)  – please email to check availability.

Can I come and watch?

Spectators are not allowed in any classes as this can make participants feel uncomfortable, plus you wont know if you like the dance unless you give it a go yourself!

If you want to see us dance, we do perform at local public events and we also run our own occasional belly dance events – keep an eye on our website and facebook page  

Do I need to bring anything with me to class?

Water is a must to keep you hydrated, you might also like to bring something for taking notes. If any other items or props are required you will be told about this in advance.

What should I wear for class?

Wear something that you will feel comfortable moving in such as a t-shirt with jogging trousers or leggings, or if you prefer a long skirt can be worn. 

In the colder months, you may like to wear layers that can be removed as your body starts to warm up.

A coloured scarf or coin belt tied around the hips is not compulsory but will be helpful in drawing attention to your hips enabling you to visualise movements more clearly. We dance barefoot , but if you would prefer to wear something on your feet you should wear something with a flexible sole such as, ballet slippers ( or socks but take care not to slip!)

Where can I buy a hip scarf to wear in class?

It is fine to just wear a fabric scarf around your hips, but if you want to go for something a bit more fancy (to make you feel the part), we highly recommend Farida Dance or Belly Dance Boutique who sell a range of belly dance items to suit all tastes. You can also find hip scarves on Amazon or Ebay.

Noisy belts with coins can be useful when learning new technique and isolations  as the sound can highlight some of our movements and help the dancer hear what their hips are doing (or not doing!). Please note that noisy scarves are not allowed in our intermediate level classes or in workshops

Are There Any Male Students In Class?

Currently there aren’t any males attending the classes listed (male belly dancers do exist) but there isn’t a “female only” policy. If it is important to you that you dance in a female only environment please let Louise know.

How can I pay for my place?

You can pay for your place on our website via Pay Pal using the buttons provided on the classes page – please note that an additional charge is added to Pay Pal payments to cover fees. Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer (contact Louise for details) or you can pay cash or cheque in person.

Can I pay by card at the studio when I come to try class?

We don’t accept card payments in the studio. If you are attending a taster session or if you are coming to try a class for the first time before signing up the cost of the class must be paid in cash at the start of the session – if possible, please bring correct change!