hafla FAQs

Never been to a hafla before? Not sure what its all about?

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You have come to the right place! Below is all you need to know about attending a hafla and what is involved!

Soooo……What is a Hafla?

Hafla is an Arabic word meaning a party or social gathering. In the belly dance world the term hafla is used to describe an event where students,professionals, and members of the public come together in the name of belly dance . It is also used as an open performance platform for dancers of all levels who want to showcase their skills in front of a supportive and encouraging audience

What does it involve?

Haflas always involve lots of dancing, socialising and eating!

At our hafla  in Cambridge there will be performances by students and teachers from the local area and beyond, in between performances there will be the opportunity for you to take to the floor and have a dance with your friends

The food at a hafla usually comes in the form of a pot-luck buffet where everyone attending brings a dish and some drinks to share. At our Hob El Raqs event food and drinks are included in the ticket price so all you need to do is turn up!

Who can go to a hafla?

 Everyone is welcome!

Haflas are usually attended by a variety of people ranging from  newbie belly dance students to professional dancers as well as the friends and families of belly dancers who want to come and see what  all the fuss is about

Are men allowed to come to a hafla?


Can I come along and just watch?

Of course! There is no pressure on you to perform at all if you don’t want to!

 Although once the social dancing starts you might find that you just can’t resist heading over to the dance floor for a shimmy or two!

Do I need to wear anything special for a hafla?

Not at all, haflas are very informal occasions so wear whatever is comfortable for you! Some people wear their casual clothes ,  some people choose to wear their favourite going out clothes, and  by simply  accessorizing with your favorite hip scarf you can add a touch of glamour to any outfit!

What should I bring for the buffet?

You can really bring any food and drink you like for a pot-luck buffet! You can bring things that come in packets or you can use the occasion to show off your culinary talents and bring something that you have made yourself – anything goes! Just remember that if the thing you are bringing needs to be cooked then you should do this in advance, and remember to collect any Tupperware or dishes before you go home!

At our Hob El Raqs events, food and soft drinks are provided but you are welcome to bring your own drinks!